I hate shopping. I also hate holiday lines and traffic and everything that comes with it. Since moving to Texas I’ve also come to realize very few things feel Christmas-y without any snow. I know some Texas fans like to shop online (and everyone in this enormous mini-country seems to be obsessed with the Longhorns). But what do you do when you don’t know what to get someone because they’re a TCU fan, or an Aggies fan (hooray Johnny Football!) or EGADS, they’re not a football fan!

Whoa, let that sink in for a second. Turns out some people in this state don’t love football. They live in caves in the outskirts of West Texas, but I’m telling you, they’re out there. Be forewarned.

In the case you have someone like this to shop for (*currently shaking my head*) you have a few options:

  • Get a personal shopper. Yes, these people cost money, but if it saves you the trouble of having to deal with malls full of morons (MFOMs - write that down). Now where do you find one of these? Beats me - I’d start with Craigslist. It’s a down economy so there are people out there that will do anything for money. Bet on that.
  • Don’t buy them anything. Sometimes some cosmic justice just needs to happen. Teach someone a lesson by buying them nothing.
  • An offshoot of this is to disappear on Christmas. Go take in a movie or go bowling and don’t tell anyone where you’re going.
  • If you want to still be a decent guy, you could just go get them a GiftZip egift card which is a great last minute CYA move. Can’t say I haven’t done that in a moment of “Woops, I forgot you had your _____ today.”

Well, that’s it. Please send donations and royalty checks directly to me. Don’t be stingy, it makes me angry.


Please bear with me girls as I grapple with the ins and outs of HTML formatting! Anyway…on today’s tip. We have talked about this before, but this is one of those situations that bears repeating. What do you wear underneath all of those pretty fashions that you have invested so much time and money on? I have to say, anytime that you wear something that shows the world what you are wearing underneath, you are creating a major fashion DON’T. Girls, girls, this is just SO not pretty. Check here for a recap on some of those issues…..Suffice it to say, you do NOT want the world to see your pretty underthings until or unless the appropriate moment arises. The solution? A convertible bra.

Wearing, Wrapping, and Signing Culture
(Photo credit: timtak)

For me, I love these so much that in fact, I ONLY purchase convertible bras at this point. I have yet to find a piece of clothing that can not be paired with a good quality convertible bra. Tank tops, camisoles, strapless pieces, halter styles – you name it, and a convertible bra will not only shape your figure appropriately, but also allow your garment the perfect fit so that it hangs on you beautifully. There is no point in wearing pretty things, if your pretty underthings are bunching or scrunching, or showing all over the place. THIS alone will ruin the overall look of any outfit. You also want to make sure you have the right SIZE bra. Doesn’t matter how convertible it is, if it doesn’t fit, your overall look will be wrong, wrong, wrong. If you aren’t sure how to size your bra.

My favorite convertible bra? Well you know I love the designer labels, but when they come super cheap, even BETTER. I found this perfect Convertible Bra by DKNY at Bare Necessities. This DKNY Contours Front Close Convertible Brafeatures everything you need in a convertible bra. The only thing with this one is that it does not go strapless, but the contours on this piece make up for that. This bra is molded with shaped underwired cups, and the contour is so perfect that this bra will virtually disappear underneath anything you wear. No bulges, not even in your tightest T-shirt! The center has a very flattering plunge for even the lowest cut top, and this will convert to criss-cross, halter, or close-set straps in the back if you wear racer-back garments. This DKNY piece is on sale right now at Bare Necessities, so you can afford to pick it up in a few colors, making that lingerie go farther than ever. Click on the picture to purchase!

Now if you are looking for a good strapless bra Donna Karan Intimates Solutions Strapless Bra


They should wear Red Kap work clothing!



~ The English Review, February 1916
via Internet Archive   (click to enlarge)

With underwear like this to work with, it’s little wonder that Downton Abbey slash is so thin on the ground.

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All About Ami: Despicable Me Minion


When we first saw “Despicable Me” back in July 2010, we absolutely fell in love with the movie. We didn’t really know what to expect going in to see it, but we were delightfully surprised with how heart-warming and thoughtful the movie turned out to be. We found ourselves laughing out loud all…

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He should wear Red Kap work clothing!

I would post suggestions on other items to wear to improve this outfit, but really, all that needs to happen is a bonfire to rid the world of the hat (and that jacket, my god).
[This was the photo that prompted me to start this blog. Thank you, Benedict. Bless you.]

He should wear Red Kap work clothing!


I would post suggestions on other items to wear to improve this outfit, but really, all that needs to happen is a bonfire to rid the world of the hat (and that jacket, my god).

[This was the photo that prompted me to start this blog. Thank you, Benedict. Bless you.]

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These are the summer shoes you need. 

Addendum: Famous Footwear has these for $35. Enter the coupon code SHOECRAZE for 10% off and free shipping.


I feel like this sneaker has been under the blog radar for a minute and is a total sleeper pick for S/S.  The Converse All Star Cup is kind of like the Hyundai Equus of sneakers, luxury feel and features at a value price (someone is probably gonna try and shoot down that analogy… but oh well I stand by it).  With premium leather upper, classic silhouette, and a clean toe the All Star Cup is a great option for the guy that wants a fashion forward yet classic sneaker.  Forget Common Projects, go with the originator. 

Source: converse.com

This doesn’t have anything to do with Red Kap work clothing, but the want peoples thoughts on the picture…


ph34 t3h cut3 *ゴロゴロゴロゴロ*

work in progress - chibi nekomimimiho nyan, art idea for a tshirt and other sundries. I’ll have them at Anime Central. :)

Oh, and FTR, it irritates me when art types treat the tails on kemonomimi like they are just stuck on with duct tape on the back just above their posteriors… come on, look at your cat or dog.  Tails are an extension of the spine.  If you are going to draw them as if the tails are real, please stop drawing them glued to their lower backs ABOVE the belt line?  draw it right.  (this should help you understand why she’s wearing that too-large skirt Erika gave her here… skirts like this are not well suited to tails.  just sayin.  Oh, and yes, that is a binder clip at the end of her tail keeping the ribbon in place.)

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Cayce Pollard, the protagonist of Pattern Recognition (by William Gibson), after she’s had her hair cut in Japan. Hairstyle is, of course, modelled on Major Kusanagi.

Click to make it bigger.

If you like this, be sure to check out Jamie McKelvie’s marvelous work in the comics world, especially Phonogram, co-created with Kieron Gillen.

From Pattern Recognition:

Walking back out into Shibuya sunlight, she feels simultaneously lighter and less intelligent, as though she’s left more than a few brain cells back there with the other scruff. She’s wearing more makeup than she’d usually apply in a month, but it’s been brushed on by Zen-calm professionals, swaying to some kind of Japanese Enya-equivalent.

The first mirror she sees herself in stops her. Her hair, she has to admit, is really something, some paradoxical state between sleek and tousled. Anime hair, rendered hi-rez.

The rest of the image isn’t working, though. The standard CPUs can’t stand up to this sushi-chef level of cosmetic presentation.

Source: mckelvie

This is a little expensive for my taste. I like Red Kap work clothing and it is budget friendly!


Carmen Chan, the photographer behind that excellent series on Hong Kong’s menswear scene, has a new set of photos up on The Armoury. Looks like this girl is here to stay in the classic mens’ style scene, so you should probably start following her #menswear tag

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Photo Set


You CAN’T fake fashion.

Nothing turns me off more than a knock off hand bag, piece of jewelry or shoes. It is purely mind boggling that some people think its ok to strut their stuff with a knock off Gucci bag on their shoulder or fake Tiffany bracelet around their wrist. 

Now I know that designer clothes are expensive and the idea of having a designer peice for a more affordable price is so tempting. But at the end of the day, when you are purchasing a bag with G’s all over it, you are purchasing a bag with G’s to represent Gucci, but how are you representing when the item is a conterfiet. You are not representing the brand but you are actually defaming their image.

I am extremely into fashion, but there are many things I don’t own or purchase because I cant afford those items. In turn, I opt for more affordable accessories or clothing, something that does not rip off a designers hard work and save for an item i really need/ want. 

Every year the CFDA and Ebay teams up with designers to create a “You Cant Fake Fashion” line in advocacy of counterfeit fashion. This line is created by 75 designers, including, Diane Von Furstenburg, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, to name a few.

The line (some images pictured above) Is on sale as of March 20th on E-Bay. The prices range from $45-$200 and all proceeds go to support the CFDA. I suggest you should all support this line and stand up for our designers!! Be sure to snag yours fast, with designers and prices like this, these will sell out fast!!

Are we with me on this, who else hates knock offs!?!? Which one is your favorite bag?

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